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Our longarm quilter will usually be in our store on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday if you have any questions or if you are dropping off a quilt.

$0.02 per square inch
Example. 60" x 60" =3600 x 0.02 = $72
Thread Charge: $10
Batting and Backing may be purchased separately at our store

*We have a minimum charge of $50 as our base cost for quilts smaller than 47" x 47"*

To prepare your quilt for longarm quilting, please do the following:
  • Press all the seams flat at the back of the quilt
  • Check for any weak seams and secure any if necessary
  • REMOVE any loose threads from the front and back of quilt top and clip thread tails
  • Backing and batting must be at least 8" wider and longer than the quilt top (4" on all four sides)
  • Seams on the backing have to be horizontal rather than vertical
  • The backing should be even on the edges and pressed.
    DO NOT baste or pin the layers together because they are mounted on the machine separately
    • If the backing must be pieced together, sew the pieces together horizontally using a 1/2" seam allowance and press the seam open
  • REMOVE selvedges from the backing
  • Use a note to mark the top of the quilt and/or backing if you have a directional preference
  • If you are working with bias edges or seams on the outside of your quilt, you should sew a 1/8" staystitch on all sides of the quilt top to prevent stretching and the seams from popping open
*Prices are subject to change without notice*

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